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After arriving at an understanding of the purpose and featured content of your website I can then estimate the number of pages and workload. From this a quote can be provided. This will be from £300 upwards. This also includes setting up of domain name/s, email/s and hosting.

Support and Training

After you we are happy with you website I then charge for further support you may require in in the future to maintain the website. I also offer my time for any training/tutorials I can lend to regarding maintenance of your website. For this support I charge £10 for anything which will take me over 15 minutes and under an hour. And charge £25 per hour for anything which will take me an hour or more.

Subscribed Support

Hosting and ongoing support is £10 per month or £120 for a year. This avoids you dealing with independent invoices for all the inevitable updates you may ask for once you're website is built.

Logo & Design

Logo's can be from £140 depending on requirements. Other graphic design services are available upon request


I take an initial deposit of £150. This affords for establishing initial drafts of the design for the website. It's after this point which we can grasp whether further development by my self is most appropriate or whether it'd more suitable to find someone else.
Ben Robert Muir
Website for a Bristol based photographer boasting his services and exhibiting his work.
A pharmaceutical company leading the way food supplementation for animals.
J. Davey Builders Merchants
Suppliers for the building and construction industry.
DnB Plumbing Servivces
Website for a Bristol based plumber.
Planet Urf
Website for a business consultant and strategist.

Graphic Design

  • Leaflets
  • Business cards
  • Photo editing/touch-ups
  • Posters
  • Calligraphy
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Logo Design

  • Logo's can be from £140 depending on requirements
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